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Our Mission

At Hope by the Sea's California addiction treatment center, we know that addicts and alcoholics can recover with a treatment program that is right for them. We offer a number of different treatment programs so clients can customize treatment according to their needs. Our staff is dedicated to helping people achieve long-term recovery so that they are able to again live normal lives. 


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Our Centers

The Disease of Addiction

CARF AccreditedAt Hope by the Sea, we take the recovery process very seriously because drug addiction and alcoholism are fatal illnesses. Learning how to live without drugs and alcohol is necessary in order to begin the process of addiction recovery. In our residential treatment center, we provide vital services helping transition our clients from detox all the way through aftercare. Clients leave our care with Hope and confidence in living life substance free.



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Our Programs

For Women


Designed to meet the unique emotional, psychological, medical, and social needs of women, we help single, married and widowed women get their lives back on track. Each phase of treatment teaches women to reflect on their decisions, change destructive behaviors, find serenity, and begin to love themselves again.


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For Men


Addiction treatment for men should be customized to their unique physiological, psychological, and emotional needs. Separate programming allows clients to build friendships with other men, deal with gender-specific issues during therapy, and give them the best opportunity for successful recovery.


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Young Adults


Substance abuse is a devastating problem for young adults and college-age students. At Hope Academy, we are helping young adults heal, discover their passion, and aspire to more.


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For Families


Drug and alcohol addiction affects families as a whole and family involvement in recovery is imperative to understand the complexities of and healing from addiction. Our Family Program focuses on educating, empowering and supporting families through the recovery process.


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For Christians


Our Christian rehab program offers a Christ centered approach to healing, restoration, and reconciliation to God, family, and to one's own dignity and self-worth in a comfortable and safe environment with several Christian features available to our clients.


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