Hope for Everyone

Over 50,000 Americans died in 2015 due to drug overdose (NIDA), and about 88,000 people died each year between 2006 and 2010 from alcohol-related causes (CDC). If you or someone you love has a substance misuse disorder, your very life depends on getting help.

When you encounter the enemy of addiction, Hope by the Sea and its accredited team of experts are trained and equipped to:

  • Facilitate a family intervention
  • Medically supervise the detox process
  • Tailor residential or outpatient treatment to your individual needs
  • Plan for aftercare
  • Recommend sober living options
  • Counsel loved ones & families
  • Restore your confidence after a relapse

The Hope by the Sea Advantage

At Hope by the Sea, our family-owned and operated facilities have seen hundreds of lives transformed. Reaching men, women, young adults and families, our outcomes are rooted in vast clinical experience and a seasoned team of therapists, addiction specialists, case managers and insurance advocates. Even more critical to our success, though, is our belief in the clients we serve: in their strength, courage and ability to change.

Get Your Life Back

Treatment for substance abuse can save your life. Beyond that, it delivers benefits that resonate in families and communities for generations to come. As you walk your path with Hope by the Sea, you will make friends that last a lifetime—and acquire tools you can rely on during the best and worst days of your recovery journey. If you are teetering on the brink of destruction, there is no better way to find hope.
To schedule a tour of our facilities, discuss insurance and payment options or get immediate help for someone you love, call 949.503.9606 now.
Family Owned and Operated
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We give hope. The miracle of recovery can be yours too!