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To attain lasting recovery, you need a treatment program that meets you where you are. No matter what your story, where you've been, or how hopeless you feel, our California addiction treatment center offers tailor-made programs that are “just right” for you. Caring for men, women and young adults, Hope by the Sea treats you with dignity and provides a full scope of services: medically supervised detoxification, residential and outpatient rehab, extended care and sober living. Welcome home to hope.


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The Crisis

Beyond the devastating emotional, relational and spiritual consequences of chemical dependency lies a stark truth: drug addiction and alcoholism are progressive, fatal diseases. If you or someone you love feels life slipping away, Hope by the Sea provides expert crisis intervention. Transitioning clients from detox to healthy living, our California rehab gives you the skills and confidence to embrace sobriety. Experience the miracle of recovery—and take back your life.

The Solution

At Hope by the Sea's California addiction treatment center, we develop recovery plans tailor-made for you. Drawing on evidence-based interventions and holistic modalities, we provide men and women with the tools they need to identify triggers, cope with cravings, manage stress and reprioritize their lives. Your story is your own, and so is your treatment journey. Trust our family of facilities to bring hope and empower change.

Our Programs

Hope by the Sea's family of facilities has shared the miracle of recovery with thousands from all walks of life. It makes no difference who you are or what form of addiction you face; your future depends on selecting the right treatment program. With the aid of our team, you'll learn what life looks like without the crutch of chemical dependency—and you'll take the first, courageous step to mind, body and spirit wellness.

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