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Chad Carlsen, CEO of Infiniti Group, transformed from addiction to leading recovery centers across Southern California. With 20+ years in addiction treatment and platforms like The Hopeaholics Podcast’, where he unites voices, from celebrities to everyday individuals, addressing the fentanyl crisis head-on.

"Our work extends far beyond the individuals we directly assist. It’s a ripple effect that touches the families and loved ones of those we’ve been privileged to help. Our mission is to change lives, and that’s precisely what we’ve been doing."

What is Rehab?

An interview with the Director of Clinical Services, Erin Adams, who discusses comprehensive individualized treatment protocols for whatever addictions and mood disorders present for each client.

The Hope by the Sea Story

Established in 2002, Hope by the Sea was born out of Chad’s vision for an addiction treatment center with integrity all made possible by being family owned and operated, flexible and adaptive.

What Does a Case Manager Do?

An interview with Hope by the Sea case manager Alexandria Fernandez who discusses the comprehensive wrap around services offered at Hope by the Sea for all clients.

Southern California Recovery Center

Being family owned and operated, we can put client care first. Client's history, pain points, concerns and values are being incorporated into all aspects of their treatment.

Clinical Care at Hope by the Sea

Hope by the Sea is a family owned and operated addiction treatment center based in Southern California. Our clinical programming, outstanding community, and excellent quality of care provide guidance to those struggling with drugs and alcohol.

Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Learn about Hope by the Sea’s clinical programming for addiction treatment, which includes evidence-based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, anger management, grief and loss counseling, psychodrama, and family sculpture.

“Substance abuse is a symptom of the problem.”

Learn about the programs and services at Hope by the Sea's drug and alcohol rehab center in Southern California.

“I want to offer you hope”

Meet the Founders of Hope by the Sea and how their story shaped the creation of one of the nation's leading addiction treatment centers.

“Hope by the Sea has given me a second chance.”

Meet Anna and learn about the difference Hope by the Sea's substance abuse program made in her life.

“What will be different this time?”

Once a client at Hope by the Sea's drug and alcohol rehab - now Will works in the field of addiction treatment.

“Everyone is like a family!”

Meet Corneilius who struggled with opiate addiction until he got sober at Hope by the Sea.

“A comfortable safe healing place.”

Meet Samara, a Hope by the Sea client who shares about her experience in our women's addiction treatment program.

“I knew I came to the right place”

Listen to Aaron's experience at our Christian Rehab Center.

Better Together - Clinical Care + The 12 Steps

Learn about Hope by the Sea's traditional treatment track integrating clinical services and 12 step principles to treat addictions and dual diagnosis.

“Reintroducing the soul…the spirit!”

Meet our holistic LMFT and learn about our non-12 step holistic addiction treatment services here.

"Discover the love of God”

Meet Dale Tatum, our campus Pastor at Celebrate Hope Christian Treatment Center.

“All of our clients are unique.”

Meet Robin, VP of Programs and Services and learn about the addiction programs at Hope by the Sea. Each program is tailored to the specific needs of clients.

“The staff…they care from a real place.”

Meet Amanda Jaworski, a Clinical Social Worker at Hope by the Sea. Learn what Amanda has to say about her experience working at our California addiction center.

“Hope by the sea is unique in its unity”

Meet Brittinie, a staff member at Hope by the Sea's substance abuse treatment center in California.

We give hope. The miracle of recovery can be yours too!