Bespoke Patient-First Treatment

We’ve experienced all of it and know how to treat it. We treat substance use disorders and accompanying mood disorders for men, women, young adults, executives, Christians, families and older adults.

Where to Start

If you’re wondering whether you need treatment, the answer is likely yes. Some people avoid seeking help because they haven’t hit “rock bottom,” or they feel a great deal of shame. We want you to know that you are not alone – millions of Americans are in the exact same position right now. We’ll help you to start the path to recovery.

Resources Are Available

Addiction is a difficult, isolating experience. You probably feel lonely, frightened, and overwhelmed. We have compiled resources that can help. Browse our collection of articles and quizzes that may reflect your own experiences.

Getting Help for Someone Else

If your loved one has fallen victim to the cycle of addiction, we’re here for you. Hope By The Sea can guide you through the process of intervention: talking to your loved one about seeking help. Whether you need strategies for difficult conversations or assistance with the logistics of getting treatment, we’re just a phone call away.
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Operated Established Care Since 2003

We give hope. The miracle of recovery can be yours, too!