Alzheimer's risk

List of Drugs Linked to Dementia

Reading time: 2 min November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, bringing a critical focus on the most prevalent form of dementia. The connection between specific medications and dementia is an

holiday anxiety

Skipping Holidays With Family

Reading time: 2 min It’s almost time for Thanksgiving, signaling the start of the holiday season. While Hallmark movies and TV commercials emphasize family joy and togetherness, the reality

fentanyl test strips

Fentanyl Test Strips

Reading time: 2 min Fentanyl is a human-made opioid that is one of the world’s most potent and addictive substances. Since fentanyl is so prevalent and can resemble many

ready for EMDR

Am I Ready for EMDR Therapy?

Reading time: 2 min Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing has become an increasingly recognized therapeutic approach for people living with mental illnesses like depression, anxiety and PTSD. While many

Air Force veterans

U.S. Air Force Day

Reading time: 2 min As the nation comes together on Sept. 19 to commemorate the valiant efforts of the U.S. Air Force, it reminds us of our mission –

suicidal tendencies and addiction

National Suicide Prevention Week

Reading time: 2 min National Suicide Prevention Week is a time for reflection, understanding and heightened awareness of the struggles many people face every day. Substance use disorder is