mental health and substance abuse

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Reading time: 2 min Substance use disorders often go hand in hand with a closely related mental health problem. Successfully treating these combined issues, known as a dual diagnosis,

binge drinking defined

What Is Binge Drinking?

Reading time: 2 min Though most Americans are aware of the scope of the opioid epidemic and how it has affected communities nationwide, fewer people realize that alcohol abuse

how to make sober friends

How to Make Sober Friends

Reading time: 2 min If you’re starting a new phase of your life in addiction recovery, you’ll need to break some unhelpful habits and look at life from a

what causes stress

What Causes Stress?

Reading time: 2 min Stress is your body’s physical, mental and emotional response to challenging circumstances and demands in your life. Though some stress – known as eustress –


What is IOP?

Reading time: 3 min Medical professionals have their own jargon like the pros in any field—a glossary of terms that the layperson seldom encounters, until you find yourself in

What Does an Abscess Look Like?

Abscesses from IV Drug Use

Reading time: 3 min If you find a swollen, discolored spot on your skin, it may be a pimple or a blister. Or—especially if the bump appears near a

meth side effects

Side Effects of Meth

Reading time: 2 min Methamphetamine is a fast-acting, potent synthetic stimulant. Even in small doses, it can cause short-term effects like hyperactivity, decreased appetite, irregular heartbeat and elevated blood

clinical depression

Clinical Depression Symptoms

Reading time: 2 min Depression is a form of mental illness that can prevent people from living healthy, fulfilling lives. People with depression have persistent feelings of hopelessness and

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