trauma-focused therapy for veterans

Trauma-Focused Therapy for Veterans

Reading time: 2 min Veterans pay a steep price for serving our country, including experiences like serving in combat and witnessing severe injury and death. As a result, a

out-of-state rehab

Out-of-State Clients: What You Need to Know

Reading time: 2 min Seeking help for substance abuse can be one of the most momentous decisions you’ll ever make. Finding a treatment center that fits your needs, lifestyle

executive treatment

Treatment for Small Business Owners

Reading time: 2 min Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their education level or professional accomplishments. Even somebody who has quickly climbed the corporate ladder and reached multiple milestones

help a friend with depression

How to Help a Depressed Friend

Reading time: 2 min Seeing a friend struggle with depression can be painful. You might feel powerless to help them rise above their mental health challenges and manage the

radical acceptance

Radical Acceptance (DBT)

Reading time: 2 min Dialectical behavioral therapy is a treatment method that can change people’s unhealthy behavior and negative thoughts. A psychologist named Martha Linehan originally developed this evidence-based

types of trauma

Types of Trauma

Reading time: 2 min When you survive a one-time or ongoing event that is dangerous or threatening, it can have lasting effects on your well-being. People view trauma through

what does meth smell like

What Does Meth Smell Like?

Reading time: 2 min If you are familiar with America’s drug crisis, you probably know methamphetamines are one of the most addictive and devastating substances. To avoid detection by

acute stress disorder and PTSD

Acute Stress Disorder vs. PTSD

Reading time: 2 min After a traumatic event such as serving in combat or losing a limb to injury, survivors may struggle to process their emotions. While acute stress

military drug use

What Drugs Do Servicemembers Most Abuse?

Reading time: 2 min The challenges of being in the military can lead to multiple physical and mental health problems, including binge drinking and use of drugs like opioids