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Hope by the Sea Featured on A &E Intervention™


Hope by the Sea's California drug rehab is pleased to have been a featured treatment center in eight episodes of the highly rated Emmy nominated series A & E INTERVENTION ™. It was March 6, 2005 when A and E INTERVENTION first aired and it continued through July 18, 2013. Each episode depicted the real-life story of one or two people suffering from the disease of addiction and the impact this disease has on one's family and friends.


We invite you to watch the stories of those patients who found Hope by the Sea's California Drug Rehab.

California drug rehab, A and E InterventionSimply visit the A & E INTERVENTION ™ Episode Guide check out:



We invite you to read our blog posts regarding Bret’s intervention.


If you or your loved one identifies with the episodes of A & E INTERVENTION and is in need of a California drug rehab and alcohol treatment center Hope by the Sea’s addiction treatment staff members are available 24 hours a day. Please call 866-930-4673 or complete our contact form. Our facilities in Southern California are convenient to San Diego, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano and the entire Orange County area.

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Each and every one of you have touched my heart and I feel so blessed to have found such a loving and supportive family in HBTS.

- K.G.

Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me!! You have made me a totally different person and you have no idea how grateful I am for that.

- T.S.

You treated me with dignity and gave me the hope that I could make it. Thank you especially for putting me in the executive house.

- T.S.

Thank you for giving me the courage to spread my wings and fly!!! I'll never forget you!

- D.

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