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The end of 2020 has finally arrived, and most people are looking forward to 2021. We have all faced unprecedented challenges over the last 365 days. Men and women in recovery had to adjust their programs due to social distancing and stay at home orders across the United States. 


Fortunately, there is hope on the horizon. While the next few months could be the worst since the pandemic began, the advent of a vaccine could mean an end to the public health crisis. Hopefully, you will continue doing your part to adhere to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, particularly if you are planning to celebrate the New Year with friends in the program. 


New Year’s Eve is traditionally a challenging day for men and women in recovery. It’s vital to do everything in your power to steer clear of risky situations. If you are new to recovery, try to avoid finding yourself in a setting where copious amounts of alcohol are being imbibed. Bring in the New Year with a strong program and your recovery intact. 


If you were able to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas without using drugs or alcohol, you know what is required of you during New Year’s Eve. Utilize your tools and keep in constant contact with your support network. Attend meetings either in person or online. You may find it useful to pray or meditate more than usual in order to cope with stress and emotions. Remember, recovery first! 


2021 In Recovery



The most effective way to stay on track in recovery is by putting your program first. If you will be having some downtime or will be isolating during the upcoming holidays, you can use the opportunity to think about the 365 days ahead. 


Having goals to work towards will help you stay focused on your recovery. There is no single formula for setting milestones in recovery. However, it’s essential to set realistic goals. Each person’s goals will be different; yours will be unique to you. Still, it helps to talk with your support network about the year ahead. Your peers can help guide you in deciding what you would like to work toward next year. 


Those with more time than you can share their experience. Your sponsor may have achieved the goals that you would like to see come to fruition. They can walk you through what they did to make their dreams become a reality. 


Your resolutions for 2021 can be as much about doing away with things as they are about incorporating new things in your life. For instance, maybe you want to quit smoking next year. Smoking is both bad for your health and recovery; research shows that smokers are at a higher risk of relapse compared to nonsmokers. 


Maybe you would like to start eating healthier and exercising in 2021. The coming year might be the perfect opportunity to lead a healthier existence. Having healthy goals and achieving them will make you feel better too. When you feel better, you are better able to keep your recovery intact. 


Some of you may decide to go back to school, either start college or finish high school. Education opens many doors that were previously closed. Talk to your sponsor, ask them if they think you are ready to start working toward long term goals. You may be prepared. You may also be new to recovery, and going back to school may be more than you can handle right now. Your support network will be able to guide you in the right direction. 


Whatever you decide to work towards in 2021, be sure that they are realistic goals that align with your recovery. Your recovery must always come first. If you put your sobriety first, everything else is possible.


Hope Starts Here in 2021


Please reach out to Hope By The Sea if you are ready to break the cycle of addiction and bring recovery into your life. We offer many programs and services; we create custom treatment plans to meet each client’s unique needs. You can contact our team at any time to learn how we can help you or a loved one in 2021.