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Aside from addiction treatment, the overdose reversal drug naloxone may be the most valuable tool available for mitigating the fallout of the American opioid epidemic. Naloxone, sold under the brand name Narcan, has been in the news quite often in recent years—primarily cast in a good light. If administered in a timely manner to an opioid overdose victim, naloxone can reverse the deadly symptoms of an opioid overdose. Thousands of people are still alive today because of this miracle drug.

The importance of naloxone cannot be overestimated, considering that over two million Americans are living with an opioid use disorder. All of which are eligible for an overdose. In recent years, a number of states began equipping their first responders with naloxone spray kits. An easy to use device which a child could administer if needed. Naturally, first responders can’t always get to the scene of an overdose in time, so it makes sense to provide addicts and their families with naloxone kits. In several states, naloxone kits can be acquired without a prescription at one’s local pharmacy.

The maker of Narcan nasal spray is Adapt Pharma. While no one can deny that the company’s product is vital to opioid epidemic efforts, there have been concerns about the dramatic rise in price for purchasing the drug. And, if people or agencies cannot afford to buy the drug, lives will be lost. Which is why the Attorney General of Ohio, Mike DeWine, made an agreement with Adapt Pharma to freeze the Public Interest Price of naloxone kits for one year, WSAZ reports. The price will be frozen at $75 for two 4 mg doses of Narcan, 40 percent below the company’s wholesale acquisition cost of $125.

“The cost to purchase naloxone has prevented some agencies from carrying this life-saving drug, but I hope that Adapt Pharma’s new price freeze for Ohio will allow more agencies to consider keeping naloxone on hand,” said DeWine. “I continue to urge law enforcement agencies to carry this drug, because it can mean the difference between life and death for those suffering from addiction.”

Adapt Pharma says that they are working with Attorneys General in other states in order to expand access and affordability of NARCAN(r) Nasal Spray, according to the article. Thom Duddy, executive director of communications at Adapt Pharma, points out that around 90 percent of Americans with health insurance have plans that cover Narcan.

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