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There exist many remarkable aspects of addiction recovery, it’s unlikely anyone could find a sound argument against that statement. The moment when an addict or alcoholic realizes that working a program is possible, provided they take specific steps, then they know they never have to drink or drug again if they so choose. That’s the day when a person in recovery realizes that they think more about what they can do for others and less about what other people can do for you. Taking it even further, people working a program discover that it feels excellent acting selflessly and continually doing the next right thing in life.

People often say that addiction recovery is a simple program for complicated individuals; again, a statement that is challenging to contest. While it holds true that working a program of recovery involves making a decision to do whatever it takes and following several basic suggestions; in the act following the lead of those who came before you, one can see that what they learn about their self along the way is all somewhat philosophical. With the help of others, people in recovery are able to take a journey inward on a road to self-discovery. Men and women from all walks of life come to realize that the path they are on is less about abstaining from mind-altering substances realizing instead that it’s about spiritual transformation. Uncovering your full potential!

Ask anyone with significant time in recovery, and they’ll tell you that they had no idea what they were capable of accomplishing before making the most significant decision of their life. Such individuals are apt to comment on how since they started working a program it has taught them more about knowledge, reality, and existence than what they learned in all the years prior. They may tell you that recovery gave them the strength to face their potential and not shy from it, rather than settling for mediocrity. Hypothetically, if you were to poll people who’ve some time in the program you’d see that recovery allowed many of them to achieve remarkable feats—you’d glean that there is nothing impossible.

Beyond Abstinence In Addiction Recovery

addiction recovery

Drugs and alcohol cut people off from the sunshine of the spirit, from whatever it is that inspires awe in a person. Continued use strips individuals of their shine, leaving a pallor shell of former selves. Active addiction prevents people from being of service to others and their self; without others in one’s life, it is nearly impossible to realize your dreams. Once you remove drink and drugs from the equation, once you surrender and accept that you need help, once you begin the process of rebuilding your life—you’ll learn in the program that there was no one holding you back in life, except yourself.

If you are in your first year of recovery, perhaps you can perceive that with your destructive behaviors no longer weighing you down, you are able to ascend. You can discern from the examples of others that the longer you stay at it, the higher you will soar. If you want to lead an extraordinary life, the best way to accomplish the goal is by doing unbelievable acts. Make no mistake about it, anyone living on the precipice of despair who manages to break the cycle and no longer Be just for one’s self but Be for others, is doing something monumental.

It takes immense courage to rebel against mental illness. It takes incredible fortitude to make a daily commitment to practice the principles of recovery in all your affairs, ad infinitum. Those who muster the strength to do so position themselves to be accountable and responsible to others; in doing so, they are poised to reach incredible heights. Inside and out!

The Journey Awaits

You have no way of knowing what awaits you in recovery until the journey commences. Make no mistake about it, the road to healing is often painful—personal discovery garnered painlessly is rarely of any value. It’s paradoxical but no less valid; working recovery asks much of individuals, it’s not easy always being honest with yourself and others. However, if a future without drugs and alcohol is to come to fruition, one must face aspects of their life that are not pleasant. Although there is a good news; unlike addiction, you don’t have to walk the road of recovery alone thanks to a wondrous fellowship that exists.

The introduction to the recovery community occurs when you decide to reach out for help and go to treatment. Once you arrive, you will meet several people who care for your well-being, even though such people hardly know you. You will be inclined to be suspect of selflessness on display in treatment and at the meetings you will attend while there; trust and believe, what you see, hear, and feel is real. Recovery is made possible because of the fellowship that exists; you can trudge onward toward all your goals because of the support network that surrounds you. The road will become arduous at times, it will; but you will not walk the path alone.

Have drugs and alcohol taken a significant toll on your mind, body, and spirit? Do you think that you’re ready to go about life differently? If your answer is “yes,” then you’re prepared to take the journey, and we can help you develop the requisite skills for living a truly extraordinary life. Please contact Hope by the Sea today.