california sober
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“California sober” is a term people use to describe quitting or tapering off some addictive substances while continuing to use others. For example, someone living this lifestyle may abstain from hard drugs like heroin or methamphetamine, but replace them with what they see as “safe” alternatives, such as marijuana. Other people may describe California sobriety as having an occasional drink, even after going through an alcohol addiction recovery program.

Does California Sober Work?

The goal of addiction recovery is to stay clean and sober, which means abstaining from all drugs and alcohol for the rest of your life. People who subscribe to the concept of California sobriety mistakenly believe there is no harm in drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana in smaller quantities. However, this mindset can be dangerous, especially if you have a history of addiction.

If your goal is to quit drinking or using drugs, but you find yourself falling back on the idea of California sobriety instead, it could be a red flag that addiction is preventing you from leading a substance-free lifestyle. In other words, California sobriety is a form of denial that allows you to justify your continued reliance on alcohol and drugs, which can eventually take a toll on your health and relationships.

Even if you restrict your use of alcohol and marijuana to social occasions, be aware that these situations can expose you to people who binge drink or take dangerous drugs like cocaine. Being in this kind of environment can be a risky trigger if you don’t have well-developed coping skills that allow you to resist temptations and avoid a relapse.

California Addiction Treatment at Hope by the Sea

No matter how many people claim to have found success with California sobriety, the reality is that continuing to drink or use marijuana, even in small amounts, can be dangerous for people in recovery. If your goal is to achieve long-term sobriety, you need to find a treatment program where you can address the underlying cause of your substance use disorder and learn how to deal with life’s challenges without relying on drugs or alcohol.

Hope by the Sea is a certified, family-owned rehab located in beautiful Southern California. We offer an individualized approach to recovery, with multiple specialty tracks available to address your unique needs. Our complete continuum of care starts with safe, medically supervised detox. We also provide dual-diagnosis treatment for our clients who simultaneously need to address addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.  

If you are struggling with your physical and mental well-being after developing a drinking or drug habit, you can start healing with our proven therapies. We specialize in holistic treatment that addresses every facet of your health, so you can embrace recovery with as much encouragement and enthusiasm as possible. Contact us when you are ready to discover the joys of being fully clean and sober.