overdose awareness

Overdose Awareness Day

Reading time: 2 min International Overdose Awareness Day is Aug. 31, and unfortunately, it’s more pertinent than ever to recognize the severity of our country’s overdose problem. Within the

signs of burnout

Signs of Burnout

Reading time: 3 min In a 2020 press release, the American Psychological Association described stress as a national mental health crisis.1 For those working demanding jobs, completing programs of

what to say to a grieving friend

What to Say to a Grieving Friend

Reading time: 2 min Grief is a complex response to any form of bereavement, such as the death of a loved one, a job loss, the breakup of a

oxycodone withdrawal

Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms

Reading time: 2 min People who rely on oxycodone to manage pain should recognize that it’s an opioid, and therefore has a high potential for addiction and abuse. In

what does fatigue feel like

What Does Fatigue Feel Like?

Reading time: 2 min Fatigue is a feeling of constant exhaustion or weakness that can be physical, mental or a combination of both. If you wake up feeling drained, run out of

drug-induced mania

Drug-Induced Mania

Reading time: 2 min Mania is a disruptive condition that involves an abnormally elevated mood, unrealistic beliefs and feelings of being invincible. While manic episodes are characteristic of illnesses

highly sensitive people

Highly Sensitive Person Traits

Reading time: 2 min Up to 20% of American adults meet the criteria for being highly sensitive people, which means they pick up on more internal and external stimuli

california sober

California Sober

Reading time: 2 min “California sober” is a term people use to describe quitting or tapering off some addictive substances while continuing to use others. For example, someone living

types of PTSD

Types of PTSD

Reading time: 2 min While trauma can affect anyone, not everybody processes frightening, upsetting or life-threatening events in the same way. Some people can deal with the aftermath of