suspect a relapse

When You Suspect Someone Has Relapsed

Reading time: 2 min Your friend or family member has come a long way on their recovery journey, diligently working with a therapist and sticking to a consistent diet,

signs of aging

Does Alcohol Make You Look Older?

Reading time: 3 min While growing older brings priceless wisdom and treasured memories, it can also change your appearance in unwelcome ways. Your skin is your body’s largest organ,

military families

Military Families Overcoming Trauma

Reading time: 2 min Trauma can have a wide range of consequences on survivors’ mental and physical health, and can even be a heritable trait passed down through generations.

VA community care

Am I Eligible for VA Community Care?

Reading time: 2 min Members of our armed forces are in a high-stress career that can leave them more vulnerable to mental and behavioral health issues. Whether you are

14 signs of liver damage

14 Signs of Liver Damage

Reading time: 3 min The liver is in charge of multiple vital functions and is one of the most critical organs in the body. However, damage to this organ

Intergenerational Trauma

Do I Have Intergenerational Trauma?

Reading time: 2 min Recently, the phrase intergenerational trauma has begun appearing in major news headlines, and many people wonder if their family has experienced it. When learning about