health insurance anthem

Insurance: Rehabs That Accept Anthem

Reading time: 2 min Often, cost is a significant barrier to lifesaving addiction treatment. The financial aspect of rehab can be daunting, but understanding your insurance options can significantly

What Are Meth Eyes?

Reading time: 2 min Methamphetamine is a potent and highly addictive stimulant that dramatically affects the central nervous system. Often, its use leads to devastating health consequences, including the

fentanyl poisoning

Fentanyl Poisoning vs. Overdose

Reading time: 2 min Fentanyl is the single deadliest drug our nation has ever encountered. In communities from coast to coast, it is accelerating the opioid overdose crisis. Illegal

PTSD attack

PTSD Attack Explained

Reading time: 2 min People who survive traumatic events like natural disasters, sexual assault, car accidents and military service may temporarily struggle to cope, but they will eventually recover

relapse definition

Relapse Definition

Reading time: 2 min Addiction is a complicated disease, and challenges can emerge on the road to recovery. According to statistics from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, up

PTSD awareness month

What Are the Symptoms of PTSD?

Reading time: 2 min June is National Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month, dedicated to raising public awareness about this potentially debilitating condition, reducing the stigma associated with PTSD and

trauma-focused therapy for veterans

Trauma-Focused Therapy for Veterans

Reading time: 2 min Veterans pay a steep price for serving our country, including experiences like serving in combat and witnessing severe injury and death. As a result, a

out-of-state rehab

Out-of-State Clients: What You Need to Know

Reading time: 2 min Seeking help for substance abuse can be one of the most momentous decisions you’ll ever make. Finding a treatment center that fits your needs, lifestyle

executive treatment

Treatment for Small Business Owners

Reading time: 2 min Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their education level or professional accomplishments. Even somebody who has quickly climbed the corporate ladder and reached multiple milestones