accidental drug overdose

Accidental Drug Overdose

Reading time: 2 min America has a severe drug overdose problem, largely fueled by the ongoing opioid crisis and the alarming presence of fentanyl in the drug supply. An

cycle of exploitation

The Cycle of Exploitation

Reading time: 2 min Human trafficking is a devastating reality that thrives on a vicious cycle of exploitation, often inextricably intertwined with substance abuse. Victims become trapped in a

dry January

Dry January

Reading time: 2 min Dry January has become a cultural phenomenon that encourages people to abstain from alcohol for the first month of the year. This initiative goes beyond

rebuilding relationships

Dynamics of Old Friends in Sobriety

Reading time: 2 min Transitioning back to everyday life after completing a residential rehab program can be a complex and emotionally charged process. A critical component involves reassessing and

attachment styles

Attachment Styles in Families

Reading time: 2 min Attachment styles are the foundation of our earliest relationships. Formed during our interactions with primary caregivers, these shape child development and continue extending their influence

sober holiday gift guide

Sober Holiday Gift Guide

Reading time: 2 min The holiday season brings the tradition of gift-giving, and many people gravitate toward high-end bottles of wine, fancy drinkware or DIY cocktail kits. However, these

Alzheimer's risk

List of Drugs Linked to Dementia

Reading time: 2 min November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, bringing a critical focus on the most prevalent form of dementia. The connection between specific medications and dementia is an