meth side effects

Side Effects of Meth

Reading time: 2 min Methamphetamine is a fast-acting, potent synthetic stimulant. Even in small doses, it can cause short-term effects like hyperactivity, decreased appetite, irregular heartbeat and elevated blood

clinical depression

Clinical Depression Symptoms

Reading time: 2 min Depression is a form of mental illness that can prevent people from living healthy, fulfilling lives. People with depression have persistent feelings of hopelessness and

Percocet Side Effects

The Dangerous Side Effects of Percocet

Reading time: 3 min Despite the well-known risk of addiction, opioid medications have legitimate value in treating such ailments as severe pain. It pays to be cautious, however: even


Is Lean Illegal?

Reading time: 3 min What is Lean? Known for its popularity amongst teens and concert-goers, “lean” is a drink made by combining cough syrup and soda and candy into

best drug documentaries

Best Drug Documentaries

Reading time: 2 min Addiction of any kind is a complex disease, and the vast amount of information available can feel overwhelming. Whether you are personally struggling with a

what does crack look like

What Does Crack Look Like?

Reading time: 3 min Would You Know It if You Saw It? Pure cocaine is a white powder. The “crack” form, produced by boiling cocaine powder with baking soda

wernicke’s encephalopathy

Wernicke’s Encephalopathy: A Precursor to Wet Brain

Reading time: 3 min Encephalopathy, or disrupted brain function, can have any number of causes; but one form frequently abetted by substance use disorder is Wernicke’s encephalopathy (named for Carl Wernicke, who first


Understanding Empathy in Recovery

Reading time: 3 min The dictionary defines “empathy” as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” For the purposes of this article, “empathy” means a skill

Drug Rehabilitation Explained

Reading time: 2 min If you’re trying to quit using drugs, you know how arduous the task can be. Drug rehabilitation can be a wise option if you are

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