executive treatment
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Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their education level or professional accomplishments. Even somebody who has quickly climbed the corporate ladder and reached multiple milestones of success can struggle with substance abuse behind closed doors.

Often, ambitious people allow their careers to define their identities. If you are an entrepreneur, worries about losing the momentum you’ve built in business can prevent you from getting help for a drinking or drug problem. Addiction treatment tailored to business owners can assuage these concerns.

Executive Rehab

Most substance use treatment programs don’t make specific accommodations to allow career-minded people to pursue recovery without jeopardizing everything they’ve worked so hard to create. At Hope by the Sea, our clinical team has put special attention into developing our Executive Treatment Program because we recognize professionals need benefits like these.


In Hope by the Sea’s treatment for small business owners, you will have access to all the tools you rely on to manage your business, including your cellphone and laptop. We will work around your agenda to ensure you never miss important phone calls, emails and meetings.

Hope by the Sea’s premium executive lodgings include nutritious, upscale meals, full housekeeping service and private bedrooms, ensuring you are well-rested and have plenty of time to relax and destress. With individualized treatment plans, we guarantee you’ll receive one-on-one care tailored to your unique circumstances.


Though most people understand addiction is a disease, stigma remains a treatment barrier. At Hope by the Sea, we remain committed to preserving privacy for all our clients. We will be discreet before, during and after your stay with us, so nobody will know you’ve been to executive rehab unless you choose to tell them.


Chronic stress is a significant risk factor for people in high-pressure careers. In executive treatment, you’ll learn how workplace stress contributes to addiction and gain healthier, more productive coping strategies for maintaining a work/life balance. We help high achievers break the cycle of substance abuse by identifying the underlying causes of their self-destructive behavior.

Luxury Treatment for Entrepreneurs

Hope by the Sea’s resort-like location attracts many clients who travel here from out of state. Southern California offers breathtaking views, pristine beaches and gorgeous year-round weather. Life moves at a different pace here, giving you a perfect retreat from the stressors associated with your job and business.

If you have reached a point where your drinking or drug use has begun threatening your health, relationships and continued career success, a renewed sense of hope and freedom awaits you at Hope by the Sea’s executive treatment track. Connect with our admissions counselors today to start your confidential conversation.