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Learning how to relax and let go of stress will significantly assist you in early recovery. Maybe you already have techniques for coping with challenges; perhaps you learned some of them while in addiction treatment? Meditation, prayer, breathing exercises, taking walks, and working out are all examples of effective stress relief techniques.

Early addiction recovery is a fragile time for men and women; unfortunate events can arise that can get you off track. One must be ever mindful of their feelings and do what they can to mitigate cravings. Stress is one of the leading causes of relapse, so learning to deal with it effectively can increase your chances of achieving long-term recovery.

Each person must find what works best for them when they confront stress at work, school, or at home. Stressors are a part of life, and it’s nearly impossible to lead a completely stress-free life. However, if you can learn how to determine the root of what is causing your mental unease, then you will be able to cope without resorting to drug and alcohol use.

You may not realize it at this point in your recovery, but attending daily meetings is a method of reducing your stress. Meetings of recovery are a forum where you can talk about what is bothering you in life and receive feedback from individuals who have dealt with similar problems.

It’s critical never to bottle up what stands in the way of your serenity. Today, you have a fellowship of men and women who are willing to hear you out without judgment and empathize with your struggles. Take advantage of your support network; doing so will save your recovery.

Relaxing in Recovery


Working a program is not always easy and demands tremendous effort. Staying on track can be complicated by what is occurring in your life outside the rooms. Your ability to achieve long-term sobriety will hinge on learning the importance of relaxation techniques. One must find a balance between program, employment, and having fun.

Serenity is achieved by accepting the things you cannot change, finding the courage to change the things you can, and having the wisdom to know the difference. Saying the serenity prayer throughout the day – especially when you are stressed out – is hugely beneficial. It will help you cope with stressors and bring you back down to earth.

There are many ways that you can be a more relaxed individual and not let stress get the best of you. Some of those techniques were mentioned in the first paragraph. There are other methods as well, such as yoga and adopting new hobbies that can calm your mind and help you stay present.

If you get worked up about something, stop what you are doing and relax for a moment. Feelings of discomfort will pass if you allow them to; taking a walk or hike is an excellent way to bring calm back into your life. The thing that was causing your stress may still be there when you are done, but you will have a new perspective and will be less likely to act rashly.

Those who are regularly stressed out in early recovery would be wise to talk with their peers about how they deal with stress. Your sponsor will likely have some salient advice on the subject. If you are open and honest about your struggles, you will stop giving air to the fire.

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