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Staying connected is an integral component of staying clean and sober. Lasting addiction recovery depends on one’s ability to keep in contact with his or her peers. Progress is achieved by working together with one another. During these challenging times, the cell phone is your ally; use it daily to remain accountable. 


Of late, millions of Americans have been physically cut off from their support networks. The raging pandemic makes it unsafe for many of us to assemble. You’ve likely had to rely on your computer and smartphone to maintain your sobriety. Hopefully, you are utilizing the tools you have at your disposal. 


The importance of keeping in contact with your support network cannot be overstated. Those who think they can get by with merely reaching out occasionally put themselves at risk of slipping backward. It’s critical to reach out to others on numerous occasions throughout the day. 


When you call your peers, it provides you with an opportunity to share what is going on in your life. Stay-at-home orders and social distancing are isolating; if you don’t speak up, your peers will have no way of knowing how they can help. Those who pick up the phone and reach out get the chance to relay their trials and tribulations with others. 


Through sharing, you have the opportunity to process and overcome challenges. Feedback can help you make breakthroughs that allow you to push through obstacles. 


The Bonds of Recovery


bonds of recovery

In treatment, men and women make connections with one another. Hopefully, the bonds that you make in a recovery center continue long after discharge. Do you keep in touch with some of the people who went through treatment with you? Hopefully, you do; if not, it’s never too late to reconnect with the men and women who saw you at your worst. 


If you’ve recently completed a treatment program, make a point of calling some of the individuals who finished around the same time as you. The bonds of recovery that you make in treatment can last a lifetime. Staying in touch is an excellent method of staying accountable in early recovery. 


It’s a good practice to call at least three people who are also working a program each day. One of those individuals will likely be your sponsor. There are many benefits of picking up the phone and reaching out. It helps you stay clean and sober; it also is beneficial to the persons you call. You never know, somebody in your support network might be having difficulties; your phone call lets him or her know that they are not alone. 


Please consider the importance of calling a newcomer or inviting one to contact you. Showing that you care can be inspiring. Letting newcomers know that they are not alone is critical. Listening to the challenges a newcomer is facing and giving feedback is a way of paying it forward. 


You can also learn something from those in the earliest stages of recovery. Remember, you were once in the shoes of a newcomer; their difficulties can be a reminder of where you came from and don’t want to be again. It’s one day at a time for everyone in recovery, whether you have 90 days or three years. 


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