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As the nation comes together on Sept. 19 to commemorate the valiant efforts of the U.S. Air Force, it reminds us of our mission – to support those who have selflessly served our country. For the brave men and women of our armed forces, returning home after service often presents a unique set of challenges. Beyond the parades and medals, many of our heroes face silent battles – from haunting memories of combat to the struggle of reintegrating into civilian life. Today, we reiterate our commitment to supporting military veterans, particularly those who have worn the U.S. Air Force blue.

A Dedicated Path for Our Air Force Veterans

At Hope by the Sea, we are proud to be part of the VA’s Community Care Network. This affiliation allows us to bridge the gap if there are no full-service VA hospitals near you or when your local VA facility lacks adequate resources. So, if you’re finding it challenging to get an appointment or feel the services available don’t align with your needs, we’re here to help.

Understanding the urgency and the profound need, we’ve structured our approach to ensure our veterans don’t face treatment delays. If you’ve received the necessary approvals from the VA, we’ll quickly enroll you in one of our specialized treatment tracks. Here, every client receives a plan tailored to their specific mental and behavioral health goals.

Addressing Unique Challenges of Veterans

The realities of active-duty and combat mean our veterans grapple with issues that may not be as prevalent in the civilian community. From PTSD and depression to substance use disorders, the spectrum of mental and behavioral health challenges is broad. Recognizing this, we have designed our California veterans’ inpatient rehab program specifically to address and cater to your unique needs.

Our commitment to our nation’s heroes is profoundly personal. We are in-network with TriWest and TRICARE and have many team members who have proudly worn our nation’s colors. We resonate with our veterans’ values and aspirations. Trust our veteran services advocate and other patriotic staff members to customize a recovery plan for the challenges you face.

On U.S. Air Force Day, while the nation salutes the skyward guardians, we reaffirm our pledge to support their well-being on the ground. To our Air Force veterans and all who have served, we honor your service, recognize your sacrifices and stand ready to support your journey to health and peace. If you need urgent treatment for addiction and mental health issues, we are happy to provide a same-day shuttle to our treatment center. Reach out to our caring admissions staff to confirm your VA Community Care eligibility or verify your insurance coverage with TRICARE or TriWest.