VA community care
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Members of our armed forces are in a high-stress career that can leave them more vulnerable to mental and behavioral health issues. Whether you are currently serving or have retired, you may find you have limited resources available to help improve your well-being. Military hospitals are frequently understaffed and the buildings themselves are often outdated, and these problems have no solution in sight. Fortunately, the VA’s Community Care Network exists to cover these gaps.

What Is CCN?

Active-duty military service members and veterans may be eligible to receive fully covered care from a community provider when the VA cannot provide for their needs. This program provides veterans access to specialty health care through non-VA providers that have met stringent quality standards.

As part of the VA’s Community Care Network, we provide transformative experiences for veterans who struggle with addiction and mental health disorders such as anxiety, PTSD or depression. Our evidence-based treatment modalities include clinically proven therapies along a full continuum of care, starting with medically supervised detoxification and continuing through inpatient and outpatient treatment. Our compassionate addiction and mental health specialists can identify, assess and treat a broad spectrum of issues.

VA Community Care Eligibility

You may meet the eligibility criteria for Hope by the Sea’s CCN-approved rehab services if there are no full-service VA hospitals near you or your local VA hospital lacks adequate resources to treat co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders.

If the VA can’t provide care within the designated access standards for drive time and appointment availability or cannot offer quality care in your best medical interest, you are welcome to start your treatment program at Hope by the Sea.

First, contact the VA for an initial assessment to determine whether you need addiction treatment. They will authorize you to enroll in a CCN-approved rehab program if they can’t meet you where you are or don’t have appointments available within the next 20 to 28 days. Then, you can feel free to choose Hope by the Sea as your provider and inform the VA about your decision to embark on your recovery journey with us.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment for Veterans

Active-duty and former service members deserve a recovery program informed by their unique needs. That’s why we’ve designed our veterans-only treatment track for people who have served our country. At Hope by the Sea, our specialists will custom-design a recovery plan specifically for you.

If you need urgent treatment for addiction and mental health issues, we can provide a same-day shuttle to our California treatment center. Contact our knowledgeable admissions staff to confirm your VA Community Care eligibility or verify your insurance coverage with TRICARE or TriWest.