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California Dual Diagnosis Treatment


Accepting help for a substance addiction is one of the most courageous things that someone can do. If that person also has a coexisting mental health issue, like depression, trauma/PTSD, or anxiety, then it's important that they work with clinicians who have specialized dual-diagnosis expertise. At Hope by the Sea, we specialize in comprehensive treatment that addresses the entire individual so that they can embrace recovery with as much support and momentum as possible.


During the admissions process, our intake counselors will analyze the man or woman's treatment history and medical records to understand what the history has been with the co-occurring diagnosis. We also have our own screening and assessment process to find symptoms of a dual diagnosis like PTSD, anxiety, or depression.


Personalized Treatment of Both Disorders


Once we gain a comprehensive understanding of each client's individual situation, our team develops a customized treatment program to address their specific needs. Treatment often begins with a medically managed detoxification, after which the residential addiction treatment begins. In addition to inpatient treatment, Hope by the Sea offers several additional lower levels of care to help support our clients as they move out of our center into transitional housing to pursue their careers or academic goals.


During the entirety of the treatment, we will continually be monitoring the person's recovery and the symptoms of the second diagnosis. We have a prescribing psychiatrist who consults with our clients, and medication can be prescribed and the response to the medication closely monitored. Some clients do not require medication at all and others taper off the medication after their initial sobriety results in the symptoms of the secondary diagnosis alleviating. Other clients at our facility were on psychiatric medications before treatment and will continue after as well. The important thing is that we address the co-occurring issue so that it does not potentially contribute to a relapse.


Depending upon the individual client's needs, our treatment programs for dual diagnosis clients may include group and individual therapy, recreational therapy, nutrition and exercise, support groups, medication management, family therapy, and aftercare planning.


What are Some Common Dual Diagnoses?


Whether they develop as a result of chemical dependency or are a previously existing issue from before the abuse began, dual diagnoses may include:


For many of our clients, the symptoms of the co-occurring condition flare up as a result of episodes of drug abuse and withdrawals. Everyone is different in how their sobriety will affects the frequency and severity of the disorder's symptoms.

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Self-Medication Treatment


Sometimes people who are suffering with a mood or behavioral disorder self-medicate to deal with the issue and abuse their psychiatric medications in addition to other drugs. Mixing substances is a dangerous and a potentially lethal way to deal with depression, anxiety, and other disorders. As one of few California addiction treatment centers equipped to treat dual-diagnosis patients, Hope by the Sea determines what medications are necessary to manage the dual-diagnosis, and ensures that they are safely administered to achieve the best results. When needed, Hope by the Sea also works with outside physicians and practitioners to ensure that our dual-diagnosis clients receive the best possible care.


Get Treatment for a Co-Occurring Disorder


Those who are struggling with a chemical dependency in addition to a second diagnosis should call 866.930.4673 to discuss treatment options. You can also contact us online to request a consultation or discuss insurance options for dual-diagnosis care. Experience mental and emotional healing while surrounded by the peace and serenity of the ocean. Call us today.



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