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Family Issues & Suffering

Addiction can be the hardest on the loved ones of the person with the chemical dependency. Our clients' families frequently report some of these difficult experiences as a result of the drug abuse:


Being overwhelmed by these emotions for months and years on end can be as damaging to someone physically and mentally as any other kind of physical or mental stress.


Approaching Family Issues for Lasting Recovery

To stop the suffering the drug abuse must stop for the long-term. Toward that end, it is best to address the above issues in a therapeutic environment like the one our facility offers during our intensive Family Program.


Addressing Denial through Therapeutic Activities

Alcoholic drinkers or those who are addicted to a drug can exhibit a level of denial that outside observers find unbelievable. “I don't have a problem” and “I can quit when I want to” are common refrains said by those who are mentally and physically dependent on a drug. But the denial can also be supported and contributed to by family members who may also convince themselves that things are better than they are.


Addressing Codependency For Lasting Recovery

In almost all treatment cases, there inevitably is someone who enables the addictive behavior. This person is known as a codependent enabler. Codependency is defined as ‘excessive emotional reliance on a partner who requires support due to an illness or addiction.'


In short, the person who is enabling the behavior is getting validation and a sense of being needed that they subconsciously fear might disappear if their loved one stopped using drugs and/or alcohol.


This behavior should also be identified and addressed or the codependent family member may unwittingly behave in a manner that encourages a relapse after treatment.

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The Relief and Support of Family Counseling

Most family members are nervous about addressing these types of issues, and some are downright terrified to do so. This is completely normal but you will find from the very start of the process that it's a huge relief to participate in the well being of someone you love. At Hope by the Sea, our facilitators are trained counselors, many of whom are survivors of addiction themselves. Our facility is family run and we have been through the ringer of addiction ourselves. We have also worked through these types of therapeutic processes in our journey of recovery.


The end result of experiences like those provided in our Family Program is inevitably growth and relief. Many issues that were considered too sensitive to address will be processed with the guidance of our trained facilitators. Each participant will know, more than ever before, what role they can play to support the recovery of their loved one in treatment.


Find out more about our Family Program, including dates and specific activities here.


Get Help for the Whole Family at Hope by the Sea

From the moment you call us, you will be speaking with someone who understands what you are going through. Our family based treatment program is filled with individuals who have had their own experiences with addiction in their family. You will feel a sense of relief as you discuss the many options for treatment that your loved one has.


Don't struggle alone and allow your loved one to continue risking their lives, incarceration, health problems, and a host of other negative outcomes that result from drug and alcohol abuse. Call us today at 866-930-2673.


Each and every one of you have touched my heart and I feel so blessed to have found such a loving and supportive family in HBTS.

- K.G.

Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me!! You have made me a totally different person and you have no idea how grateful I am for that.

- T.S.

You treated me with dignity and gave me the hope that I could make it. Thank you especially for putting me in the executive house.

- T.S.

Thank you for giving me the courage to spread my wings and fly!!! I'll never forget you!

- D.

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