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Anxiety and Mood Disorders (Depression and Trauma)

Anxiety and mood disorders like depression and trauma are frequently underlying someone's substance abuse and silently contributing to it.

Many of the clients who come to Hope by the Sea have been previously diagnosed with one of these disorders. However, some arrive here exhibiting symptoms of one or more of these disorders and may not even realize it.

In some instances, the person has developed symptoms of one or more of these disorders as a result of the drug or alcohol abuse, and in some cases these symptoms may abate greatly throughout the first year of sobriety.

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Invisible Illnesses

You can't tell by looking at someone whether or not they are clinically diagnosable as having general anxiety disorder, a depressive disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Similarly, you can't tell by looking at someone how acute the effects of the disorder are. Sometimes our clients are not even themselves aware of the inner turmoil that is complicating their lives and even making abusing drugs or alcohol seem like a solution to these feelings.

Getting Help For Anxiety or a Mood Disorder

The key to understanding and addressing these disorders is getting top clinical care like that which we provide at Hope by the Sea.

By carefully screening for symptoms of these disorders upon intake and throughout treatment, we are able to address the symptoms as they prevent themselves.

If there is a past medical diagnosis of one or more of these disorders, we will take that into account as we perform our initial assessment. We will also carefully analyze the individual's substance abuse history, family history, and treatment history for clues that might shed light on one or more of these disorders.

Our high staff to client ratio allows us to create a personalized treatment regimen for each person and then very closely monitor how each person is responding to the various therapeutic processes. This allows us to make adjustments to the person's treatment accordingly.

Access to Our Consulting Psychiatrist

If needed, we can provide appointments with our consulting psychiatrist who can monitor the recovery and prescribe medications if necessary.

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Our family owned treatment center is staffed by many who have personally had their lives touched by addiction. We care greatly that every person who comes here gets the best treatment possible so that have a solid foundation on which to build long lasting recovery and really enjoy all that life has to offer.

Our clinicians have many years of experience addressing these disorders by facilitating therapeutic processes and teaching our clients the tools they can draw upon to address the symptoms that occur without allowing them to threaten their sobriety.

Call us today at 866-930-4673 to get help and begin healing.

Each and every one of you have touched my heart and I feel so blessed to have found such a loving and supportive family in HBTS.

- K.G.

Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me!! You have made me a totally different person and you have no idea how grateful I am for that.

- T.S.

You treated me with dignity and gave me the hope that I could make it. Thank you especially for putting me in the executive house.

- T.S.

Thank you for giving me the courage to spread my wings and fly!!! I'll never forget you!

- D.

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