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Hope by the Sea has helped, healed and given hope to thousands through our accredited addiction programs and services.
The miracle of recovery can be yours too.


Our Philosophy


At Hope by the Sea's California addiction treatment center, we believe in our clients’ inner strength and ability to change. We know that drug addicts and alcoholics can recover with a treatment program that is right for them. Hope by the Sea offers a number of different types of treatment programs, including our college track, Christian drug rehab, and gender specific tracks, allowing us to serve and customize treatment for more people than other treatment facilities. Our Staff is dedicated to helping people achieve long-term recovery so that they are able to live normal lives again. 

Individual Strength

We know that the right addiction treatment center can provide valuable support that is critical to an individual’s successful recovery. However, it is the individual, not the center, that determines the end result. Therefore, we provide our patients with every tool at our disposal to teach them how to live without the crutch of addictive substances––and why their lives depend on it. Through counseling, our patients learn how to tap their own inner strength as well as outside support, both during their transition to a sober lifestyle and long after the initial recovery period in our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. 


Resolving Issues

For the majority of people, substance abuse is a symptom of deeper, underlying issues. Our trained specialists help clients realize and resolve these issues. We rely on the principles in the 12-step programs of recovery because they have helped hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of alcoholics and addicts to recover.


Our California addiction treatment center offers 12-step meetings, and we encourage all of our clients to continue working the 12 steps once their treatment plan has been completed. Many treatment programs offer the promise of recovery, but recovery is a continuous process that must be carried on after the initial rehabilitation. Our aftercare, college and sober-living programs offer extra support during the transition from 24-hour rehab support back into the "real world.”


Our staff members have many years of experience with treating drug and alcohol addiction, so they are supportive and understanding of each individual's needs. Drinking and drugging are defective defense mechanisms and are used to deny problems, feelings, and other issues. Our philosophy entails intensive group and individual therapy to help uncover these issues and prevent relapse. We know and stress that sometimes the hardest step is the first one — accepting that one needs an addiction treatment program. Once an individual has done that, he or she has hope. Our goal is to take our patients from hoping for a successful recovery to achieving it while at our California rehab.


Finding Serenity

Through our rehabilitation programs, including our Christian drug rehab center, our goal is to help suffering addicts and alcoholics find peace and serenity by walking through their fears instead of hiding behind them. At Hope by the Sea, we carefully choose our staff members based on their high qualifications and ability to be compassionate towards each and every individual. We utilize the tools of recovery through the 12 steps, individual and group therapy, healthy extracurricular activities, and medical supervision.

We believe in our program, and even more importantly, we believe in our clients. Getting to treatment takes an admirable amount of strength, courage, and determination that people without addictions might not fully understand. Here, we do understand. That is just one reason our patients trust our experienced and knowledgeable staff to guide them through our California addiction treatment center successfully.

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