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Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs

Hope by the Sea is an effective addiction treatment center located between Los Angeles and San Diego near the sparkling beaches of Southern California. Our dedicated team of trained addiction professionals and counselors provide individualized addiction treatment programs for recovery. Finding the right alcohol and drug treatment program for your clinical needs is a critical part of the recovery process. Here, we work with clients on a one-on-one basis and provide treatment plans at a reasonable cost to make our addiction services accessible to everyone.


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California Drug Rehab and Alcohol Detoxification

Upon entering our California drug rehab and alcoholism treatment center, if necessary, patients undergo drug and alcohol detox. It is critical that patients be supervised during this process due to physical changes that take place, as clients may experience withdrawal symptoms.


Residential and Outpatient Care

Hope by the Sea offers primary residential addiction treatment at our California rehab center. We also offer aftercare and sober living in Orange County, which involves 12-step meetings and other therapeutic activities that enables newly sober individuals to learn how to monitor their recovery on a daily basis. Clients in our sober living work, attend school, and maintain responsibilities such as adhering to reasonable curfews and chores at home. Here, they have the chance to build a supportive network of friends and professionals.

Our outpatient addiction program in Orange County benefits those who are unable to take time out of their lives for residential addiction treatment. People who have small children or are unable to leave their jobs may consider this option. Not every patient is a candidate for outpatient care - our addiction treatment staff evaluates each request on a case-by-case basis. Patients who have high risk factors for relapse or have engaged in long-term, high-level drug use are more likely to require inpatient care. These clients are typically from all over the United States including those from out of state and northern California as well as those from the Los Angeles or San Diego area.

Some patients require extended care when the standard program does not fully meet their needs. In extended care patients explore the patterns they seek to break, the reasons for negative behaviors they employed in the past, and how to form and keep new positive habits.


When to Call

If you or a loved one need help coping with addiction, we can provide sound guidance on which addiction treatment program is best for you. How do you know when a person needs professional help? When an individual is addicted to drugs or alcohol, these symptoms may appear: extreme mood changes, increased anger or irritability, sudden weight gain or loss, depression, a feeling of hopelessness, and difficulty doing standard daily activities such as going to work or waking up to face the day. If you notice any of these symptoms or have other concerns, give us a call today to discuss our reputable California drug rehab programs. We have addiction interventionists available if needed, and we accept insurance for most of our addiction services. Contact our Admissions Department for details on insurance we accept, interventionists, and general admissions questions about our alcohol and drug treatment programs.


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