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higher power

Memorial Day is just around the corner. On May 29, 2017, people all over the country will come together to embrace the start of summer and rejoice. The summer months are great opportunity to reconnect oneself with nature, giving you an opportunity to work on reflection, meditation and prayer. Three things that for people working programs of recovery can do to improve their connection with a higher power.

At Hope by The Sea, in sunny Southern California, we know first-hand the awe-inspiring beauty of both the ocean and the mountains to the east. On any given day, this summer you can go out into nature to work on yourself, both physically and spiritually, either by yourself or with others in your support network. One of the most important goals in recovery is balance. Achieving homeostasis!

Active addiction is marked by chaotic solitude, because drugs and alcohol cut you off from the spiritual nature of existence. That is, something greater than yourself. Addiction is self-will run riot, one is convinced that they are in command of all things under the sun. When in fact, there are far stronger forces governing the dynamics of life. In recovery, one’s relationship with a higher power is the glue that holds everything together.


The Light of Recovery

With the dark clouds of winter at our back, we strongly encourage you to get out into nature and work on the spiritual connection of life. Some of the best places to accomplish this are on hikes or sitting quietly on the beach, away from the constant drone of everyday life. Free from crowds and car horns, ringing phones and the like.

In some ways, it is hard to hear yourself think indoors or on city streets. But in the great outdoors all those hindrances fade away. You can dig deep into your soul to remind yourself of everything for which you are grateful. See the progress you have made; and humble yourself to the spirit of life governing all things beautiful and meaningful.

Invite some of your peers along for the journey. One can draw much insight from friends in your support network. Experiences together are almost always richer than those undergone alone.


Finding Hope

The summer may also be a good time for people that are still using to turn the page and start a new chapter. One free from the bondage of self. Please contact Hope by The Sea to learn how to achieve the miracles of recovery. What better time than now.