veterans detox
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As a nation, we owe our veterans a debt we can never fully repay. These selfless men and women make significant sacrifices to serve our country, willingly putting themselves in harm’s way. Upon their return home, they deserve access to quality health care to address any physical or emotional wounds.

Unfortunately, navigating the Veterans Affairs health system can be complex and often overwhelming due to bottlenecks and long wait times. If you need substance use treatment, here’s a closer look at the VA’s offerings and the alternative option we provide at Hope by the Sea.

Understanding Veterans’ Addiction Services

The VA recognizes the profound impact of mental and behavioral health disorders among veterans, and provides prevention, screening and treatment for addiction. For people who need to detoxify from one or more addictive substances, many VA medical centers offer medically managed withdrawal care, often an essential first step in the recovery journey. However, it’s worth noting that due to the high demand for VA services, gaining access may entail prolonged waiting periods.

As veterans’ health care needs have increased over the years, the VA has struggled to keep pace. Despite efforts to hire more medical professionals, staff shortages are a well-known issue. This shortfall can prevent veterans from gaining prompt access to essential services like detox, which can be detrimental to people who need immediate help.

California Veterans Treatment at Hope by the Sea

Whether you are an active-duty, reserve or retired service member, you may feel frustrated when trying to navigate the VA system and get the benefits you’re eligible for. At Hope by the Sea, we understand the unique challenges our veterans face when seeking substance abuse treatment. While the VA offers valuable services, the waiting periods and resource limitations can be daunting obstacles to recovery. That’s why we have developed a specialized treatment track to ensure veterans and their families get the care they need to turn their lives around.

We are in network with TriWest insurance and have a patriotic staff, with an active-duty medical director and other team members who have proudly served their country in uniform. Trust our veteran services advocates to customize a recovery plan for the mental and behavioral challenges you face.

As a member of the VA’s Community Care Network, Hope by the Sea provides life-changing treatment for veterans who live in the Inland Empire and those who travel to us from out of state. We provide tailored programming to address veterans’ unique needs and experiences, integrating therapies to treat dual diagnoses. Our veteran treatment track includes detox, residential treatment, outpatient services and aftercare, providing a comprehensive continuum of care.

Beyond addiction treatment, our experienced team will help you navigate difficult emotions, traumatic experiences and the challenges of reintegrating into civilian life. We provide tools and strategies to help you manage stress, avoid triggers and build a resilient, substance-free lifestyle.

Overcome Your Challenges for a Healthier Life

Recovering from substance use can be challenging, and no one should have to walk that path alone, especially not our veterans. At Hope by the Sea, we prioritize helping veterans overcome addiction and reclaim their lives. Our team is ready to provide immediate care, even when the VA system is slow to respond. Reach out to us today to confirm your VA Community Care eligibility or verify your insurance coverage.