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synthetic marijuana

It can’t be overemphasized enough, synthetic drugs are both dangerous and deadly. All across the country people continue to put their life at risk by experimenting with synthetic marijuana, “bath salts” and the like. And, strangely, at this point it seems hard to believe that people do not know the risks, considering the string of horrific news stories linked to the use of these types of drugs.

In fact, nearly two dozen people in downtown St. Louis were treated for synthetic drug overdoses earlier this week, KTVI reports. The majority of (18 of the 23) overdoses involved K2, one of the more common names branded on the packaging of synthetic marijuana.

“One of the challenges in treating these overdoses with the synthetic is first of all, the Narcan we use on regular heroin or opioid-based drugs does not work,” said St. Louis Fire Department, Capt. Garon Mosby. “One of the challenges for our medics upon arriving is determining that what they are treating is indeed a synthetic overdose. A lot of times the patient will have a seizure. We respond to seizures, but it could be induced by this synthetic drug. We’re treating higher body temperatures, hyperthermia is very common. And the patients seem to be very combative.” 

In many cases, people using synthetic marijuana believe that they will have a similar experience to traditional cannabis. But, the reality is far different. Sure they may feel an elevated mood or altered perception, like cannabis. Unfortunately, those feelings are often accompanied by:

  • Extreme anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations

People who have used, or are considering experimenting with synthetic drugs of any kind, should be aware that there is no way of predicting how the chemicals will affect you. Rarely is an experience the same as the time before, because chemists are constantly altering the chemicals that you are smoking or ingesting. Such drugs can also be habit forming, requiring addiction treatment. If you are struggling with synthetic drugs, please contact Hope by The Sea, as soon as possible.