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Hope by the Sea has been focused on honesty, integrity, and excellent care, keeping the well-being of each client as our top priority, since 2003. Now we are being nationally recognized by Newsweek for the quality of our care, as one of America’s best addiction treatment centers!

Named One of the Best in America

Newsweek, a prominent weekly news magazine, just published “America’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers 2021” and included Hope by the Sea on the list of the best. In introducing this year’s list, Newsweek’s Global Editor in Chief, Nancy Cooper, says:

In recent years, driven by things like the opioid epidemic and expanded health insurance coverage, the demand for treatment has expanded significantly. Finding the right treatment facility, however, can be a challenge. As part of Newsweek’s commitment to reporting on all aspects of health care — most crucially, covering what new developments could mean for our readers — this year we partnered with global market research firm Statista Inc. to rank the 300 best U.S. treatment facilities that focus on addiction.

Recommendations, Quality, and Accreditations

Hope by the Sea was selected as one of America’s best addiction treatment centers in 2021 as a result of high scores on a combination of recommendations, quality, and accreditations. The centers in this year’s listing were ranked according to their cumulative scores, including a reputation score, based on subscores for recommendations and for quality, and their relevant accreditations.

Recommendations of Medical Experts

For the recommendations scoring, the research firm Statista invited medical experts, including counselors, therapists, doctors, staff, and administration in addiction treatment facilities, to participate in an online peer-to-peer survey. The data was collected by Statista and by Newsweekfrom May to July 2021. Participants were required to verify email addresses and underwent quality checks to ensure their validity and that there were no self-recommendations for the individual or for the treatment center.

These survey participants were asked to rank the quality dimensions that influence the quality of rehabilitation facilities. The rankings were based on:

  • Quality of care (e.g., treatments/ therapies, consultation with doctor/ therapist, psychological support)
  • Quality of service (e.g., meals, leisure activities)
  • Quality of follow-up care (e.g., support meetings, individual counselling)
  • Accommodations and amenities (e.g., size of room, quality of furnishing).

Based on the reported importance of each quality dimension a quality score was assigned using the following weights:

  • 50% – Quality  of care
  • 25% – Quality  of follow-up care
  • 15% – Quality of service
  • 10% – Accommodation and amenities.


A critical aspect of ensuring that a treatment center is providing quality and effective care is an accreditation, which was also one of the key scoring factors in the rankings of America’s best addiction treatment centers. The gold standard or accreditations in healthcare is the Joint Commission accreditation. At Hope by the Sea, we are proud to say we have achieved an impressive 3-year accreditation from the Joint Commission, which demonstrates our commitment to continually elevating our treatment standards as we provide superior treatment for substance use disorders.

Addressing Today’s Issues with Quality Care

Newsweek’s Global Editor in Chief noted that over 21 million people in the US suffer from drug or alcohol abuse. Many of those people lose their lives from overdose and a lack of quality treatment for their addiction. Drug overdose deaths increased to about 93,000 in 2020, an increase of 29.4% over the previous year. About 95,000 alcohol-related deaths were also reported in 2020.

Hope by the Sea offers hope in the form of effective treatment in southern California. We work with individuals on a one-on-one basis, so we can determine the right alcohol and drug treatment track for each one. That quality of care, combined with our reasonable costs that make addiction services accessible to everyone, has earned us the distinction of being named one of America’s best addiction treatment centers in 2021.

Help for Addiction

At Hope by the Sea, a southern California addiction treatment center, we focus on helping you begin your journey of recovery from drug abuse. We specialize in treating each person as a whole individual, to embrace recovery with as much support and momentum as possible.

Our team continues to follow federal, state, and local public health guidelines regarding COVID-19 to ensure our clients’ safety. Please contact us today to learn more about our programs and services. Hope Starts Here!