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Ongoing support through your recovery from addiction can include participating in the 12-step program. As part of that program, the professional team at Hope by the Sea encourages clients to attend Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. In fact, we take our clients to Orange County beach meetings for AA and NA to help them in their recovery journey.

Year-Round Meetings

The Orange County beaches are ideal for AA meetings throughout the year. Held outdoors on the beautiful and calming ocean, meetings are hardly ever canceled because of weatherconcerns. In fact, Orange County gets only about 14 inches of rain, on average, each year and has about 278 sunny days per year. Rated by the annual BestPlaces Comfort Index at a 9.2 out of 10, Orange County is one of the most pleasant locations in California.

How AA Meetings in Orange County Can Help

In the words of Alcoholics Anonymous, “Regardless of the road we follow, we all head for the same destination, recovery of the alcoholic person. Together, we can do what none of us could accomplish alone.” AA meetings help individuals who are going through the journey of recovery by giving them the support and encouragement they need to continue in their sobriety.

Newcomers are encouraged to “keep coming to meetings” as they benefit from exposure to multiple meetings, strengthening their understanding of the program and how it can help them. Those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs who try to stay sober on their own will typically struggle and will probably not be successful. Attendance at AA meetings can help you maintain your sobriety and enjoy the experience, in fellowship with others at the beach.

Your First Meeting

AA meetings are so important to your recovery that they are usually held even if there are only a few people in attendance. You may have heard some mythsabout AA meetings, including that you will have to stand up and say “I am an alcoholic” or that you’ll have to tell all of your secrets about your addiction while participating in group hugs and praying. In reality, you are not required to speak at all during a meeting, although it can be helpful to share as you feel comfortable doing so.

For Orange County beach meetings, you will find some additional surprises and benefits. Our area is one of the few places in the world with an abundance of beach meetings. You might spot dolphins in the distance as you are participating in one of the AA meetings in Orange County. Bring a beach chair to the meeting and be prepared to speak loudly so you can be heard over the waves!

Calming Ocean

One of the most rewarding benefits of Orange County beach meetings is the spiritual componentof participating in an AA meeting at the ocean’s edge. The water, the air, and the sandy beach itself have been shown to benefit your mental health in many ways.

The sound of the waves can help you achieve a meditative state, proven to heal and strengthen your brain. Even the color of the blue ocean can calm your mind. The salty, misty air can also help you find a sense of calm.

There are negative ions in the ocean air that have been proven to have a pronounced anti-depressant effect. Even as early as 1932, an American research engineer noted the mood changes when individuals were exposed to the ocean air. Other studies have found that negatively ionized air can also alleviate some symptoms of mental health issues such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Simply walking barefoot in the sand also has stimulating benefits for your body and your mind. Your feet can absorb free ions on the earth’s surface, much like your lungs can absorb the ions in the salt air. Walking barefoot is also known as grounding. Walking barefoot on the beach triggers a tingling warm sensation as a result of grounding to the earth.

Help for Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Taking our clients to healing AA meetings on the beach is an essential part of helping those who are overcoming addiction and mental health issues. At Hope by the Sea, a southern California addiction treatment center, we guide you through the journey of recovery from drug abuse as well as mental health issues. We specialize in treating you as a whole individual, as well as your family members who are affected, so everyone can embrace recovery with as much support and momentum as possible.

Our team continues to follow federal, state, and local public health guidelines regarding COVID-19 to ensure our clients’ safety. Please contact us today to learn more about our programs and services. Hope Starts Here!