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importance of motivation in recovery

Starting something new can be exciting or intimidating but generally always requires energy and motivation. When you first started your addiction treatment, you had a lot to explore about yourself and your life. Now that you are in recovery, it’s critical to continue that enthusiasm, realizing the importance of motivation in recovery.

Remember Your Reasons

Any task you undertake can become mundane after a while. Think about when you start a new job, for example. Your excitement can wear off after a few years, or even a few months. You may have decided to eat healthier and even that can be difficult to maintain when you are tempted by sweet baked goods at a family reunion or gathering of friends. In recovery, it can also be difficult to stay focused on why you went through addiction treatment.

What were your reasonsfor getting help? Were the drugs taking a toll on your health? Was the expense of sustaining your habit overwhelming? Did you just want to feel good again, without the alcohol? Continuing your motivation in recovery can be as straight forward as remembering your reasons for getting sober.

If you are tired of saying no when others want to go out for a drink or feel yourself weakening at the thought of using drugs again, think about how sick you felt when you were addicted, how out of control your life had become. You may have even done embarrassing or hurtful things when under the influence of the substance. Are your relationships better now? Do you have a good job or are you continuing your education? Remember your reasons for being in recovery.

Focus on Your Health

Once you become healthier, after you’ve given up drugs or alcohol, you will want to continue to focus on your self-care and well-being. When you were addicted, the substances damaged your mental and physical health. Restoke your motivation in recovery by starting a new exercise program or adding to one that you’re currently doing. Find some fun ways to stay healthy, like playing volleyball or softball with friends.

Taking care of yourself means getting what your mind and body need each day, including nutritional food and enough quality sleep. You can practice some relaxation techniques as well, such as yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. These can help you manage the stress you face as you continue through your recovery.

Find Other Ways to Have Fun

Instead of thinking about the things you can no longer do in recovery, find some positive ways to enjoy your new life. Have you made some new friends in your recovery journey who are also sober? Connect with them to explore some options for having a good time, such as hiking, playing miniature golf, or going to a restaurant that does not serve alcohol. Having fun without drugs or alcohol can also help you remember your reasons for being in recovery.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

How long have you been in recovery? Do you celebrate every milestone along the way? You’ve worked hard to overcome your addiction and you should give yourself credit for the gains you have made in your life. You can keep motivated in recovery by looking forward to celebrating sober anniversaries and rewarding yourself with a special treat that does not involve drugs or alcohol. You could treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a special dinner out.

Lean on Your Spirituality

Recovery can be challenging, of course. Holding onto your motivation in recovery can be even more challenging as the years pass. Stay focused on your health, remember your reasons for going through addiction treatment, and lean on your spirituality to find strength when you need it most. Turning to a higher power can help calm you and give you a sense of peace that can guide you through the toughest of times as you continue your new life in recovery.

Help for Drug Abuse Issues

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