veteran alcoholism
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The bond between military veterans is strong, but so are the unique challenges they face when returning to civilian life. For many veterans, invisible wounds from combat or military sexual assault can have significant ripple effects, leading some to seek solace in alcohol to manage mental illnesses like PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Though alcohol may offer temporary relief, it can exacerbate mental health issues in the long run. Hope by the Sea understands these complexities, which is why we offer a specialized treatment program for veterans battling alcohol addiction.

Why Do Veterans Drink So Much?

The lure of alcohol for veterans can make it hard to resist due to factors like these.

  1. Self-medicating PTSD: Post-traumatic stress disorder is prevalent among military veterans. Alcohol may momentarily dull symptoms like flashbacks or hypervigilance, but long-term, heavy drinking ultimately intensifies these issues.
  2. Battling anxiety and depression: Transitioning from active duty to civilian life can bring feelings like uncertainty and isolation. Many veterans turn to alcohol, unaware that it can lead to a destructive cycle.
  3. Cultural factors: Often, the military social environment fosters an acceptance of heavy drinking, and some veterans continue this behavior after leaving the service.

Short-Lived Relief, Long-Term Damage

Though drinking might provide a brief reprieve from mental anguish, it does nothing to heal the underlying trauma. Indeed, it will eventually make your situation worse.

  • Addiction and dependency: What starts as self-medication can rapidly turn into addiction, creating a new set of challenges for veterans.
  • Worsening mental health: Alcohol abuse can exacerbate existing mental health disorders, further entrapping veterans in a cycle of suffering.
  • Physical health implications: Chronic alcohol use has severe physical health consequences, impacting everything from liver function to cardiovascular health.

Hope by the Sea: A Sanctuary for Veterans

Hope by the Sea offers a dedicated pathway to recovery for veterans grappling with alcohol addiction. Here’s why our California veteran treatment program stands apart.

  • A patriotic staff: With an active-duty medical director and team members who have proudly served their country in uniform, we understand veterans’ unique needs.
  • Acceptance of TriWest and TRICARE: We ensure accessibility to those in need by being in-network with TriWest and TRICARE insurance.
  • Specialized veterans’ programming: We have designed our California inpatient rehab to address veterans’ unique needs, healing addiction and underlying mental health disorders.
  • Comprehensive, evidence-based treatment: Our approach includes medically supervised detoxification, followed by a full continuum of care, including residential and outpatient treatment. Using clinically proven therapies, our skilled team can address a broad spectrum of issues related to addiction and mental health.
  • Part of the VA’s Community Care Network: In partnership with the VA’s Community Care Network, Hope by the Sea is a gateway to life-changing treatment.

Finding the Path to Recovery at Hope by the Sea

Veteran alcoholism is a complex issue that requires understanding, compassion and specialized care. At Hope by the Sea, we stand with the veterans who have sacrificed so much to serve our country. Our unique combination of evidence-based treatment, patriotic staff and dedication to the veteran community makes us a place of true transformation.

If you are a veteran or active-duty service member struggling with addiction or mental health disorders, reach out to us to start your recovery.