veteran health care
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Enlisting in the military and representing your country in uniform should be a source of pride, but the stress of repeated deployments, burden of chronic pain and upheaval of frequent relocations have taken a toll on the mental well-being of many veterans and active-duty service members. Making matters worse, military culture tends to emphasize “toughness” and stigmatize asking for help.

People who have served in the military are more likely than the rest of the U.S. population to experience mental illnesses like depression and PTSD, have thoughts about hurting or killing themselves or others, experience emotional crises or engage in self-destructive behavior such as substance abuse. In light of the tragic statistics about veterans’ mental health, Hope by the Sea has developed a high-quality treatment program for these heroes and their families.

Active-Duty and Veteran Mental Health Resources

Being in the armed forces is a significant commitment that many men and women make as soon as they turn 18. After spending years in a career where lives are on the line and you have a strong sense of fellowship and purpose, you may have trouble transitioning to civilian life. To compound the challenge, there may be limited resources available to help you when you find yourself struggling.

While the VA offers specialized mental health care for veterans, it can be difficult to find an appointment that fits into your schedule. Some people must travel out of state to visit a VA facility that meets their needs. Recognizing the reality that some military hospitals lack funding, staff and up-to-date facilities, the VA has created their Community Care Network. This program allows veterans and active-duty service members to receive fully covered treatment from a community provider that has met specific standards.

Hope by the Sea is proud to be part of the VA’s Community Care Network, offering mental and behavioral health care to current and former military service members who now find themselves struggling with substance use disorders or mental health issues. Our experienced health providers can diagnose and treat a wide range of health concerns with evidence-based methods like individual and group therapy.

Accredited Dual-Diagnosis Treatment for Military Service Members

You may be eligible to enroll in our CCN-approved rehab services if the VA cannot offer the treatment you need within their designated access standards for drive time and appointment availability. Hope by the Sea has designed our veterans-only inpatient treatment program to address the unique challenges faced by people who have served our country. We also accept TriWest and TRICARE.

We provide same-day shuttles to our family-owned California rehab facility for clients who need immediate treatment for addiction and mental health issues. Contact our knowledgeable admissions staff to confirm your VA Community Care eligibility or verify your insurance coverage.